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200 for Fri night dinner! 

our mission

no Jew shall be left behind

Guided by the extraordinary vision of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, we aim to ensure that every Jew is connected to their roots. 

We have a variety of programming to appeal to as wide a range of students as possible, from weekly Shabbat meals, regular study groups, gust speakers, social events, weekends away and more.

We also have events for post-grads, a group whose needs are often overlooked.

To acheive our goals, our work is split mainly into the categories.below: 

Exam Snack Packs


If you're in need - Chabad will be on hand to assist. 

Tefillin Wrap


One mitzvah, even for a moment,has the power to connect.

All part of the family


We invest in the infinite  power of people. Everyone has the ability to change the world

Study Group

Study Group


one on one learning, group study or lectures, there's always something for you.

Pure Joy! 


No matter what your background, we accept every Jew as equal. And we want you to enjoy it